About Ryan Davison

Who is Ryan Davison?

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I’m a full stack programmer / developer. I build complex web apps for desktop and mobile devices. These often include a mapping component like in the Mesa County Map Viewer. But I’m just as happy building database interface components or back end interfaces. I code a lot in JavaScript and Python but am not tied to any set of languages. I simply use the best tools for the situation.

I currently work as a GIS administrator and have additional background in business and political science. During my geo-spatial career I have had the pleasure of working with customers from multiple major professions that consume or produce GIS data and services. I’ve applied GIS analysis and mapping technology for users in the military,  law enforcement, community planning, engineering, every major utility (water, waste water, electrical…), environmental monitoring and others.

 Why Ryan Random?

I have a lot of interests and multiple persistent hobbies. I have always had a hard time not jumping around between various projects. My sister used to always say I was “so random”. When trying to come up with a name and URL for the blog, Ryan Random just seemed obvious (to me at least and RyanDavison.com was taken).

 In addition to this blog, you can follow me on the following social media sites:

Github: @RyanDavison

I have found Pinterest to be a fun venue for sharing the maps and geo-images I have found on the web.