Be Different with Custom Styled Google Maps

map style by Tracy Elliott on If you are developing with the Google Maps JavaScript API you’re already creating custom code so you might as well go the extra mile and change the default style of your map so it doesn’t look like every other Google map out there. Getting a unique looking map […]

Why Globes Aren’t Popular But Should Be

Globes are fascinating geographic instruments. They give a proportionately accurate view of the earth allowing for a better understanding of the relationships between various land areas and water bodies. While paper maps and on-screen digital maps can give much more detail about large scale areas of the earth, the globe gives an accurate representation of […]

National Adjustment of 2011 – What Does it Mean For You?

The National Geodetic Survey (NGS) has been working for over a year now to adjust the NAD83 datum with what is called the National Adjustment of 2011 or NA2011. How much adjustment are we talking about here? If you guessed only about two centimeters, you would be right on the money. So why are the […]

Another Tool in the Box: National Geographic’s MapMaker Interactive

I finally got around to playing with National Geographic’s MapMaker Interactive application on the organization’s education site. As a GIS analyst with two young boys I am always interested in tools that can help teach them about geography or GIS. The MapMaker tool helps teach both of these. The interface is built on the ArcGIS […]

The Map Was Alive with the Sound of Earthquakes

I recently saw a tweet highlighting a Youtube video showing 2011 earthquakes as a dynamic time lapse map. You can check out the video below: During the 9 minute video of a single map, the viewer is shown various sized rings at each epicenter location. The ring’s size is dependent on the magnitude of the […]

Using Pinterest to Catalog Online Maps

What is Pinterest?Cartographers and GIS users are often visual by nature. Pinterest is a tool that allows the visually minded to capitalize on images posted throughout the web. In a nutshell, Pinterest allows a user to “pin” images, found on the web, to virtual pin boards. These pin boards are organized by topic and the […]