Gardengraphic Information Systems – How Maps and Data Help Gardens Succeed

Spring will soon be upon us and gardeners of all stripes will begin pruning landscapes and planting vegetables. The National Gardening Association reports that gardeners spent nearly $3 billion in 2011 on food gardening alone. With this much money being spent (not to mention the amount of time) to grow produce or create beautiful landscapes, it stands to […]

Add Custom Color Ramps To ArcGIS From The ESRI Mapping Center

This post references ESRI ArcGIS Desktop 10.0. While the steps listed might work in previous versions of ArcMap, it is not guaranteed. When you have a continuous raster such as a DEM in ArcGIS, you will likely want to adjust its color ramp to better highlight elevation changes. The default color ramps suffice for a majority […], Social Networking for the Geospatial Community?

A new GIS centered web site called launched yesterday. According to the site’s mission statement its purpose is simply to promote “geospatial solutions” and provide a multi-use platform to showcasing GIS projects. The site tries to pack a lot into its pages. It attempts to provide tools and services such as social networks, job boards, […]