Be Different with Custom Styled Google Maps

map style by Tracy Elliott on If you are developing with the Google Maps JavaScript API you’re already creating custom code so you might as well go the extra mile and change the default style of your map so it doesn’t look like every other Google map out there. Getting a unique looking map […]

Tourist Pine to Fly Drones in Antarctica? Weird!

  The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators is cautioning all potential travelers to Antarctica who pine to fly a drone to check with their travel agent or tour operator before packing their device. Jennifer Harper – The Washington Times Tourists are pining to fly drones in Antarctica? What kind of tourist pines to fly drones […]

Use Python to Keep Your Brain Sharp

“Use it or lose it” certainly applies where brain function is concerned. The experts tell you to exercise your brain to keep it in shape and ward off forgetfulness and possibly dementia when you are older. One way to exercise your brain is to do computations in your head. Not long ago I read a […]

Better Basemap Management for the ESRI Javascript API

If you use ESRI’s Javascript API to build web maps you have probably noticed that your ability to manage base map layers is somewhat limited. You really only have three out-of-the-box alternatives: Define an basemap in the map constructor Create and fill a Basemap Gallery Switch between two basemaps with Basemap Toggle But what if you […]